Workforce Recruiters

Attracting Skilled Workers Made Easy

Trucking/Transportation & Manufacturing

Many departments within a company have a number of interrelated challenges that can be solved by marketing, but number one is recruiting. We’ll make your grass the greenest on the block by learning about your workers, addressing their challenges, and building your reputation as a company that fights for a better quality of life. While your competitors are spending big bucks on ad spend, we have strategies to get your message directly to workers.


Solve Recruiting/Retention

Fuel prices. Freight rates. Competition from rail – those market forces are moot if you can’t get butts in seats. Get your fleet to capacity by treating drivers with respect, highlighting your benefits, and frequently producing content that improves drivers’ lives.


Grow Your Customer Base

It seems like every day there are new tort reforms or government regulations that affect transportation. Customers want information about these topics – be the company that gives it to them. We’ll help you author content that shows you’re the expert.


Improve Your Reputation

Drivers talk. They talk on Facebook. They talk on LinkedIn. They talk at Love’s. We can monitor what people say about your brand and make you part of the conversation. Gain allies in social media and learn how to correct negative sentiments.