Baldor Electric.

A seamless transition from traditional to digital marketing.


For over 80 years, Baldor Electric Company had successfully sold its premium line of AC and DC motors the old-fashioned way – through a traditional distributor model where customers sourced directly through regional sales reps. If it ain’t broke, why fix it? Right? By 2006, traditional sales were trending digital. Nine out of 10 industrial buyers were using the Internet to research and source Baldor products. Baldor needed to update its model to:

1 Incentivize distributors to sell and promote Baldor products online
2 Synchronize Baldor’s product catalog across all its distributor websites
3 Measure the effectiveness of online sales
4 Mitigate distributors' challenges in building, marketing and maintaining a 6000 part online catalog
Baldor Plate


We developed an online product catalog framework that could replicate across Baldor’s 102 stocking dealers. Baldor could manage and update its product database from one location and push those changes to dozens of distributors in real-time.

In addition, we created an in-house division that solicited, integrated, and maintained these catalogs across Baldor’s entire dealer network. Any phone calls and emails related to the Powered by Baldor system went directly to that team.


ROI was achieved in the first year with dealers purchasing in excess of $500,000 of stock product orders. Baldor confirmed that if each dealer website sold just one online order per year, Baldor stood to make $1.5 million in incremental revenue. To date, this is the most successful dealer incentive program ever executed in Baldor’s history.