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You can make marketing a strength of your business, but it begins with challenging perceptions and learning the critical trends and strategies impacting your industry. Featuring inspiring conversations between industrial leaders and host James Soto, Founder and CEO of one of North America’s top industrial marketing agencies, this show exists for one purpose: to deliver insights that help you grow your business.


Exploring the Power and Ethics of AI Technology in Marketing with Parry Malm
Getting 1% Better: Meet Meaghan Ziemba, Manufacturing's Diversity Advocate

Getting 1% Better: Meet Meaghan Ziemba, Manufacturing's Diversity Advocate

Learn how Meaghan Ziemba is bridging the gap in manufacturing by creating Mavens of Manufacturing, a platform for women and people of all ages to share their experiences. Discover how she's connecting people and resources to help them succeed in the industry and how her story is an inspiration for industrial marketers and sellers. Join us in this episode and be part of the change in the manufacturing world.

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The Art of Getting Specified with Adam Beck, CADENAS PARTsolutions
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