Workforce Recruiters

Attracting Skilled Workers Made Easy

The Hiring Challenge

As the skilled labor gap deepens, you’re competing for talent from existing and new places, with more competition coming onto the scene every day. To win, you must know (and monitor) every competitor that could capture your candidates’ attention and be ready to contend in ways you may not have experienced before.

We are an award-winning agency focused on addressing the skilled labor gap with a proven track record of executing innovative recruitment marketing that converts thousands of qualified hires.


For operators and recruitment marketers that must hire the most talented people and cannot afford lost momentum and revenue due to unfilled positions, INDUSTRIAL’s workforce recruitment marketing practice is an impactful, data-driven approach to attracting, engaging and retaining talent that increases performance and mitigates cost. Every hiring campaign at INDUSTRIAL is executed from an integrated marketing strategy that is transparent, technologically-enabled and constantly measured to ensure partners see that what’s working is kept and what’s not is quickly eliminated.

Position Your Company & Career Opportunities

Your company must be perceived as a business people want to work with and for. INDUSTRIAL addresses your employer value proposition and brand perception, and works with key operations, HR leaders and targeted candidate profiles to communicate the unique value that you can offer candidates — from core values and company culture to benefits/perks and opportunities for career growth.

Meet Talent Where They Are

For us, it's not about advertising at talent, it's about meeting them wherever they are in their journey — and connecting the dots to you.


To ensure we are creating value at every stage of a candidate’s career journey, we develop an integrated marketing ecosystem with multiple channels that strategically support one another across owned, earned, paid, and social media. We take this perspective of finding the right mix of available channels to achieve objectives in terms of CPL, CPH, and other key metrics. Ultimately, we want to be where candidates are and to be ready to deliver the right message, at the right time, in the right context.

Our Workforce Recruitment Approach

Developing a Recruitment Strategy

Everything starts (and ends) with strategy. Everything we do — every decision we make — will support that strategy and aim to create a cohesive message and achieve clear recruitment goals while mitigating cost.

Center on the Candidate

We begin with mapping the full candidate journey to create meaningful interventions that move them toward desired outcomes (e.g., enticing them to apply for your job). We map the entire journey — from “not-in-market” passive candidates all the way through existing employees — to address root-cause retention and inspire advocacy to drive referrals.

Making Data-driven Decisions

We connect the dots to provide real-time visibility into critical data so it can be used to make strategic decisions that matter. From solutions design (creating a plan to aggregate data from various sources for truly full-funnel analytics) to Dashboard creation (with real-time visualization of KPIs to track progress and guide optimization), we take the subjectivity out of data, making optimizations easier to support and overall performance more effective.

Investing in the Right Technology

Investing in the right technology stack, from programmatic media and applicant tracking solutions to AI-powered tools, ensures that we increase our marketing capabilities, improve performance and decrease cost across the entire candidate journey.

Our Partners

A sampling of brands we are proud to have partnered with to enhance their workforce recruitment marketing efforts.

Attracting Talent Made Easy

We address your recruitment marketing needs, holistically and strategically.

Employer Talent Marketing Solutions

Great Place to Work Formation / Strategic Talent Transformation Services

  • Employer Branding & Leadership Culture
  • Employer Value Proposition Alignment for the CEO, CHRO, COO, CMO, and CFO

Recruitment Marketing Digital Transformation

  • MAS/CRM/RMP/ATS (Recruitment and MarTech Stack Integration)

Talent Acquisition Strategy

  • Recruitment Performance Optimization
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Owned, Earned, and Social Media Strategy

Talent Lifecycle Enablement, Retention & Amplification

  • Employer/Employee Communications
  • Employer Promoter Score
  • Employee Referral & Influencer Strategy

Recruitment Cost/Performance Optimization

Integrated Recruitment Marketing

Talent Awareness

  • Not in the market
  • Passive (open to opportunities)
  • Active (have need/desire to change)

Research & Discoverability

  • Searching company and job opportunities online
  • Search and mobile-optimized company job board implementation, custom development
  • Company jobs syndication, XML feed, and programmatic listing management (e.g. Google Jobs initiative, Indeed, LinkedIn, Craigslist, etc.)
  • Search-optimized video property strategy


  • Employer reputation management (e.g. job board reviews, social commentary)
  • Job fit personalization (e.g. “just right” job surveys, zip code lane registration)
  • Talent referral programs
  • Job offer competitive analysis campaigns

Decision & Signing

  • Job selection criteria resources
  • Decision stage email and social media nurturing
  • Personalized recruiter, dispatcher, leader communications
  • Recognition, perks, and swag design


  • Orientation show rate email, decision reinforcement, and travel logistics support
Talent Lifecycle Engagement and Nurturing

Recruiting Operations / Job Conversion Optimization

  • Recruitment process optimization
  • Candidate hiring experience optimization
  • Onboarding/Orientation nurturing
  • Talent experience insights and action plans

Talent Engagement, Relationships, and Retention Strategy

  • Talent success, resources, and social engagement content strategy
  • Candidate news and recognition newsletters/social/email campaigns
  • Employer, leader, and dispatcher communications (employer/employee trust)
  • Employee/Talent pulse surveys
  • Video influencer (prospects seeking "those just like me") strategy

Recruitment Marketing Performance Optimization & Cost Mitigation

  • Recruitment marketing analytics
  • Paid media cost/performance scrutiny
  • Application full attribution
  • Hiring cost mitigation strategy
  • Earned, owned, social mix diversification

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