Case Study

Workforce Recruitment Program

Hennessy's Recruiting Success: 100% More Qualified Job Applicants
The Challenge
Running at a hiring deficit, Hennessy Services Network needed to immediately scale up with hundreds of qualified Field Service Technician applicants in specific metro areas. They turned to INDUSTRIAL for a strategic, workforce recruitment program.
With existing recruitment efforts focused on corporate-level positions, they needed to shift gears in both messaging and infrastructure to support the specific needs of the Field Service Tech candidate.
Hennessy Services Network challenge image
By quickly developing infrastructure for attracting, nurturing, and processing candidates, INDUSTRIAL was able to launch a geo-targeted media plan and optimized landing pages within 30 days. Paramount to our success was the introduction of job boards, programmatic media, and daily placement optimizations.
Critical to launch was a strategically-phased effort to improve existing assets and completely shift messaging to the desired outcome candidates sought.
Hennessy Services Network solution image
100% more
qualified applicants than required to meet hiring goal.
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