Integrated Marketing

Everything Works Better When It Works Together

Today, there are hundreds of marketing options because buyers are active on dozens of potential marketing channels. You can’t choose one way to reach your audience and you can’t choose them all. You need to make strategic decisions regarding how, when, and where to engage to reach your goals and maximize results.

This is the essence of integrated marketing: Choosing the right mix and optimizing it so that all channels feature consistent messaging, are managed to work together, and drive toward a singular goal.

In the industrial world, this is particularly important since sales cycles are long and prospects will use up to six different engagements channels (e.g., email, search, social media) before converting, according to some studies. The effectiveness of industrial marketing, in other words, won’t be determined by any individual channel, but rather by how well you use them together.

At INDUSTRIAL, we’re well versed in integrated marketing, having ushered hundreds of companies into the online marketing world since 2003. We strategically integrate industrial marketing services to create meaningful solutions to the marketing challenges our clients face, including:

  • Brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Product launches
  • Workforce recruitment

To bring your marketing efforts together and realize the power of integrated marketing, contact us today.