Integrate How You Sell to Maximize Results

True sales enablement happens when your sales and marketing teams align. This integration occurs on two main levels — the strategic and the operational — and is especially important in the industrial sector, where products and services are complex and sales cycles can last months.

Conceptually, sales and marketing must focus on the same goals and agree on a go-to-market strategy if a sales enablement project is to be successful. They then need to define a process for charting progress and map the key stages in the customer journey so that both marketing and sales can orchestrate meaningful interventions with customers that will translate directly into increased revenues.

Operationally, sales and marketing need processes and tools that will facilitate greater communications between departments and create opportunities for data analysis that can be used to decrease close times, increase average order amounts, and raise lifetime customer values.

Sales enablement is inevitably a wide-ranging project that will be tailored to how your organization sells — and how your sales department relates to its marketing counterpart.

Depending on your org chart and needs, our sales enablement engagement can involve:

  • CRM — selection, setup, integration, training, optimization
  • Marketing and sales automation — customer segmentation, automated program development, lead scoring
  • Pipeline management — visualization, forecasting, reporting dashboard and template creation
  • Sales support — market research, planning, cross-selling program development
  • Channel partner engagement — identification, outreach, partner program development

To optimize your organization’s selling system by aligning your sales and marketing teams with a sales enablement project, contact us today.