The two-month product launch challenge.


Visit any tire shop and you’ll see a COATS —low-maintenance wheel balancers and tire changers for 15+ years. COATS had engineered an all-new tire balancer equipped with the most user-friendly interface in the industry – an interface that told the truth about residual imbalance. Problem was, this amazing product was launching at SEMA in just two months, and it didn’t even have a name yet.



The product practically named itself. “VERO” – Italian for “truth.” COATS’s wheel balancer, from it’s always-accurate motor that never needed calibration to its accurate residual imbalance calculation algorithm, was designed to deliver a true balance, every time. We delivered the product name and visual identity, badged the product’s chassis, created a sales guide for COAT’s internal sales team and its channel partners, and launched an email campaign to drum up interest at SEMA – all within two months!


The VERO launch was and continues to be a huge success. The client said, and I quote, "The key to our successful product launch was the unique value proposition in the marketing, getting field sales buy-in to that proposition, and the product being well designed and manufactured." Aww shucks, guys.