Case Study


The Sales Support App That Helped Reps Sell Over $2 Million In Four Months
The Challenge
Wearwell, the nation’s No. 1 industrial ergonomic flooring and matting manufacturer, had offered a successful on-site needs assessment service for years. Although an effective sales tool, the process of completing these paper-based surveys was cumbersome for Wearwell distribution partners,
so adoption suffered.
Despite its success as a field sales tool, Wearwell’s distributors were uncomfortable with the amount of time it took to conduct an on-site survey.
Wearwell challenge image
Since many facilities lacked reliable Wi-Fi, INDUSTRIAL developed the app to perform offline, on any device, and work with preloaded, frequently-updated data to avoid onsite problems. With a nearly automated estimation process, distributors started including Wearwell as a preferred supplier due to their commitment to streamlining quoting and sales.
Wearwell reps could survey sites and save recommendations on one device, then re-open later on another to push assessments to Wearwell HQ for faster, in-depth quoting.
Wearwell solution image
$2.2 million in orders
quoted by over 123 users in just four months
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