The app that sold $2 million in mats.


Wearwell, the nation’s #1 industrial ergonomic flooring and matting manufacturer has offered a successful on-site survey needs assessment service for years. Although an effective sales tool, on-site surveys had their challenges. The process had to be completed on paper and many distributors were uncomfortable with the amount of time it takes to conduct an on-site survey.


Although we knew an iOS or Android app would allow them to conduct on-site surveys offline and streamline the process, our solution was to create a HTML 5 responsive browser-based app that could work offline, since many facilities lack reliable Wi-Fi. And by making it responsive, the app would work on any device: mobile or desktop. iPhone, Android, etc.

The app was designed to work with a frequently updated and pre-loaded set of product information to ensure reps would not encounter problems onsite. Reps could survey sites, save their product recommendation on their tablet, then reopen the app later on their laptop or desktop, push the assessments to Wearwell HQ and provide fast and in-depth quotes.


Wearwell’s app has nearly automated the estimation and quotation process. Distributors that once sold both Wearwell and competitor products began to include Wearwell as a preferred supplier due to their commitment to making it easier for them to quote and sell. In just four months, over 123 users generated $2.2 million in orders quoted. Wearwell has stated that this is the singular most impactful sales support and growth initiative it has ever implemented.