Case Study

PAM Transport

How a Truck Driver Recruitment Program Kicked Its Dependency on Costly Advertising
The Challenge
Most truck driver recruitment programs depend exclusively on advertising. Many carriers spend millions of dollars just to get drivers to apply. This results in a high average Cost per Lead (CPL) for leads that are never seen again. PAM Transport wanted a new, driver recruiting strategy to break this vicious cycle.
In a media landscape full of too-good-to-be-true sign-on bonuses and other feature-based job selling techniques, PAM countered with an image of a company culture dedicated to professional development and respect for new and tenured drivers.
PAM Transport challenge image
INDUSTRIAL created a "direct-to-driver" integrated recruitment marketing strategy that leveraged owned content, targeted digital advertising and marketing automation to generate and nurture leads. This approach not only won PAM drivers in the moment, but kept the company top of mind with past applicants, improved driver retention rate, aggressively drove down cost per lead and reduced reliance on bulk apps and traditional media. It also empowered them to get better quality applicant leads without overspending on advertising.
Central to INDUSTRIAL’s strategy was creating a website where drivers could apply directly to the company, rather than via media companies or job boards, creating a direct relationship with PAM and capturing contact information for later nurturing.
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$1,000 average CPL
reduction and a dramatic increase in quality applicant leads.
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