Landair Transportation.

Marketing with the hammer down.


Noise. There is a lot of noise in the truck driver recruiting space. Drivers are bombarded with online job boards, truck stop advertising, radio spots, print ads – it’s to the point where advertisers are losing drivers' attention because drivers don’t know where to focus. We like to say that attention is an important asset – something to be valued, not wasted. Landair, an asset-based transportation and logistics company, was looking to grow its driver resources pool without spending the same media dollars as the top transporters of the world.


Instead of relying on the interruptive advertising model, we again turned to permission-based marketing. We developed a mobile-friendly job portal targeting drivers to support downstream efforts. Career opportunities were targeted and fed to a list of trucking job career sites via automated API feeds.

“Driver Lifecycle Marketing,” reduces targeted paid media and instead focuses on creating discoverable search engine-optimized content. Content that helps drivers exercise on the road, find trucker-friendly hotels, maximize their pay, and make the most of their home time.

While Landair’s competitors fought for ad space, we are communicating directly with drivers across search engines, social media, and email at a fraction of the cost. And unlike Landair’s competitors, drivers WANTED our content.


Within just 90 days, in the initial phase Landair reduced its cost per hire by 30% and far exceeded its monthly hiring quotas, saving the company thousands per month. At it’s peak, orientation attendance also skyrocketed to as high as 94.3% – the best in the company’s history. Landair continues to see significant recruitment growth with no signs of slowing down.

Cost per hire reduced by 30 percent and 61 percent rise in online applications.