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Driver Recruiting Strategies

New Driver Recruiting Strategies Reduce Landair's Cost Per Hire by 30%
The Challenge
There is a lot of noise in truck driver recruiting. Landair, an asset-based transportation and logistics company, wanted to grow its driver resources pool without spending the same media dollars on interruptive advertising as the top transportation companies. They required new truck driver recruiting strategies to make better use of their recruiting dollars.
Drivers are bombarded with ads — to the point of advertisers losing attention because drivers don’t know where to focus, or worse, because the content isn’t relevant or compelling.
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Rather than inundate drivers with ads, we developed a mobile-friendly job portal and targeted content strategy to directly engage drivers across search, social, and email at a fraction of the cost. Not only was cost per hire reduced by 30%, but Landair also saw a 94.3% peak increase in orientation attendance — the best in company history.
Attention is a valuable asset, so our approach focused on leveraging multiple channels to ensure we deliver relevant content at every stage in the driver journey.
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30% reduction
in cost per hire, with new truck driver recruiting strategies.
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