Case Study

When You Need a Brand Positioning Agency

Why ProcessBarron Chose INDUSTRIAL: The Right B2B Lead Nurturing Strategies to Drive Growth
The Challenge
ProcessBarron, a maintenance company for power generation air and material handling systems, wanted to shift its lead generation efforts away from short-term, reactive service-specific engagements and engage prospects around end-to-end installations, system optimization, and preventative maintenance services, which represented a much higher average purchase value. Or put more simply, they needed a brand positioning agency to empower them with the tools to drive and prepare for business growth.
After years of doing repair work, ProcessBarron’s engineering, fabrication, and installation staff had developed the know-how to deliver complete air and material handling systems capable of optimizing power generation facilities. They wanted to capitalize on this knowledge.
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INDUSTRIAL leveraged ProcessBarron’s in-house engineering expertise to position the company as a “total systems solutions” provider for power-generation facility air and material handling. Integrating trade media, social media, onsite conversion, and lead nurturing strategies, INDUSTRIAL delivered a steady stream of qualified, higher-value prospects to the ProcessBarron technical sales team.
Central to INDUSTRIAL’s strategy for elevating ProcessBarron’s profile as a thought leader in the power generation field was an aggressive white paper and case study publishing schedule that spanned trade media and an onsite Learning Center.
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$50 Million increase
in annual gross revenue in two years
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