James E. Soto

Industrial Marketing Pioneer

Making the Case for an Industrial Marketing
and Innovation Revolution

Why James

James Soto is rising in the ranks of top keynote speakers at industrial-focused marketing, trade and technology events in North America. He actively keynotes conferences, summits, national network and corporate events and is also available to speak to teams and leaders.

A fun and engaging speaker, James covers an extensive portfolio of topics from business leadership and digital transformation to disruptive technologies, B2B content and social media trends, and the evolution of industrial buyers across the supply chain. James does not believe in canned speeches or sales pitches in educational wrappers. He tailors each topic to the level necessary to inform and inspire every audience.

As Founder and CEO of ISM, a fast-growing, Inc. 5000 industrial marketing and innovation agency, James dives into how generational, market force, technology, and culture affects specific industries. He helps attendees discover what’s most important now, providing tangible impact and value throughout. His fun and inspirational approach leaves audiences feeling better off than he found them and well-informed.

If you’d like to work with him, please email James or call him at 615-400-0778.


Help industrial stakeholders see the opportunities, validating why they are important, what they need to start doing right now.

Questioning the Status Quo

Set the stage for action by challenging audiences to make their way thinking, doing business and living obsolete.


Bring people, companies and communities closer to reimagined visions and purpose.

James' Speaking Topics

The ‘New’ Industrial
Buying Process

The industrial customer journey no longer starts with needs awareness and ends with the sale. Develop business, marketing and sales strategies that reach the connected industrial buyer.

Industrials Push to
Become Media Companies

Learn why manufacturers, distributors, industrial technology organizations are retooling to look, feel and act like publishers.

Industrial marketers are
leading digital transformation

Industrial Marketing and sales leaders are leading the transition to Industry 4.0. James helps audiences see why customer-centered innovation and marketing is the path forward.

Structuring Business
Around Customer Success

How leading businesses are transforming into customer-centered enterprises by keeping their focus on executives, specifiers, buyers and the end-user in everything they do.

Making you and your
company obsolete

Why you must make your way of doing business, working and even living obsolete before generational, market forces, technology,
or the competition does.

How Industry 4.0
will be marketed

Learn how leading industrial brands are reaching out to mainstream audiences to promote the fourth
industrial revolution.

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