Motion Industries.

A million motors upgraded through marketing.


The Energy Independence Security Act (EISA) dropped a bombshell on the electric motor industry–any motor manufactured had to meet new premium-efficiency energy mandates. Motion Industries, a leading national motor distributor, sought to turn this mandate into an opportunity to take a leadership position in the marketplace.

Motion Industries, along with US Motors & Baldor, hired us to develop a co-op digital marketing campaign designed to educate end-users on the financial benefits of upgrading their older motors to newer, premium-efficiency models.



Where is the first place people go when they need to replace a motor? Search engines. Our campaign idea was this: any time an end-user searched for a non-premium efficiency motor replacement, we would trigger a series of digital ads that invited the user to learn more about a premium-efficiency alternative.

When users clicked through, they saw a dynamically generated personalized landing page,, which compared their non-premium efficient motor to its premium-efficient replacement, alongside the 1, 5 and 15-year energy savings of upgrading to the newer motor. ISM built the user experience to position visitors a click away from purchasing the newer replacement motor.

We didn’t stop there. We identified and contacted the major influencers in the motor industry: editors, decision-makers, CEOs, CFOs, and bloggers. By the time we were done, anyone who had a presence on our social and media networks were exposed to the campaign.


Over 80,000 higher profit, premium efficienct motor upgrades and replacements were sold as a result of this highly personalized campaign. Randy Breaux, Senior Vice President of Motion Industries, said that, “ISM does a great job understanding not only your digital marketing objectives, but your overall business.” Sometimes a client testimonial is the best result of all. 

Randy Breaux

“Ism does a great job understanding not only your digital marketing objectives, but your overall business.”

Randy Breaux, Sr. VP — Motion Industries