Case Study

Duroair Technologies, Inc.

A Business Case for Integrated Marketing
The Challenge
With an outdated website, no organic content push, and a long sales cycle supported by manual processes that made prospect communication challenging , Duroair, a leading manufacturer of industrial air filtration solutions, needed to improve online discoverability, increase lead generation, and streamline their prospect nurturing process.
Duroair’s three primary strategic goals included: Increasing organic search visibility in the U.S., better communicating primary brand message of the business case for clean air, and streamlining lead generation and nurturing processes.
Duroair Technologies challenge image
There were challenges at the beginning of the year due to transitions in the INDUSTRIAL team that stalled initial progress. Through honest self reflection, some serious sweat equity, and a focus on fostering better collaboration and communication, we turned it around.

Once things started cooking, INDUSTRIAL optimized Duroair’s website for organic SEO and mobile responsiveness, developed a persistent content and media strategy to improve visibility and lead generation in the industrial air filtration market, and integrated marketing automation with the existing CRM and sales nurturing process.
INDUSTRIAL also collaborated with the Duroair sales team to formally document the value of their facility consultation process.
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There was so much skepticism in the beginning with management not being cognizant of all of the pre-work that is involved, but now they are totally sold on it. INDUSTRIAL is in every meeting we have and everyone is really pleased.
—Julie Bond, Sales and Marketing Manager , Duroair Technologies, Inc.
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