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Industrial Website Development

Igniting a Digital-Driven Business Model for Southern Metal Fabricators
The Challenge
With a lackluster website and a beat-the-street sales process, Southern Metal Fabricators (SMF) – a vision-driven, full-service metal fabricator – needed a strategic online presence to showcase their custom fabrication expertise, effectively answer common industry questions to build credibility, drive bid requests, and expedite the sales process. It was time for industrial website development.
SMF needed to transform their business by driving leads for high-margin services, so the INDUSTRIAL team optimized the website to effectively communicate SMF’s custom fabrication capabilities and expertise in key verticals.
Southern Metal Fabricators challenge image
Working closely with SMF, INDUSTRIAL translated the custom fabrication expertise SMF had honed over 25 years in the business into an effective communications strategy, transforming a local business that once chased any opportunity into a regional fabrication powerhouse that strategically chooses projects. Through ongoing development of educational articles, technical whitepapers, and customer case studies that educate and drive prospects to Request for Quote (RFQ) functionality, INDUSTRIAL helped SMF build credibility, communicate unique capabilities, and share success stories with potential customers. Today, the SMF production calendar is always full, thanks to a renewable source of bid requests via the website.
Now that SMF receives the majority of RFQs online, they can spend more time serving their fabrication customers vs. pounding the pavement for leads.
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25% Average Increase
In annual revenue since website launch in 2014.
For the first time, our website has the right ‘hooks’ in the water. Our content is consistently driving new business opportunities so that we don’t have to do all the footwork and can pick and choose the jobs we take on.
—Bud Weed, Sales Manager, Southern Metal Fabricators
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