Manufacturing Day.

Changing America’s perception of manufacturing.


In October of 2012, industry leaders FMA, The US Department of Commerce’s NIST-MEP, National Association of Manufacturers and The Manufacturing Institute joined forces and with all their combined influence convinced 240 manufacturers to open their doors and demonstrate to students, parents, and educators that modern manufacturing jobs are high-tech, high-paying careers. Seeing an organization that could use help and a movement that was worth pursuing, we joined the MFG DAY team in 2013 with a goal to drive that number to 600.

MFG day desisns


We began by developing a visual identity that was more representational of a national movement. We then reimagined a new website full of downloadable assets that took the guesswork out of hosting an event, attracting an audience, and following up with that audience. Manufacturers now had a destination that provided step-by-step hosting instructions for manufacturers using promotional models we use for our own clients.

We then turned our efforts toward generating national attention. We talked to anyone who would listen, and eventually brought on board some heavy hitters to help promote the event, including the Science Channel and Shell. By the time we were done, every state governor had MFG DAY on his or her calendar—even President Obama agreed to participate.

Over 1,600 Companies participated in Manufacturing Day

Toray Science Channel
Shell Manufacturing Institute
Caterpillar Buy iIrect


To say MFG DAY smashed all expectations would be an understatement. A total of 1,679 events were held across North America, in all 50 states, three Canadian provinces, and Puerto Rico. Over 400,000 people participated in the event, including a national proclamation by President Barack Obama and 18 governor proclamations for Manufacturing Day, Week, or Month in their respective states. In summary, we reached 80 million households through radio and television, attracted tons of social followers, and got to meet the Wu-Tang Clan (true story).